Introductory business tour of Ukraine is one of the few really effective ways to evaluate its potential, especially on pre-planning stage. Our company can make the planning of the business tour a lot easier for you. It is known that all kind of unforeseen problems may arise during traveling. You can panic and make situation even worse or you can use our help to solve complex problems via e-mail, fax, Call-center or personal meeting. With the help of this service you can protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances and make the right choice.


Our employees are very well aware of what investors prefer to see in a business plan. Our business planning service will help you create a business plan that fits your needs. Business planning service provided by our company includes a business plan, consisting of the target market research, a thorough market analysis, financial analysis of the project, the calculation of the critical points in production, and the development of business models and profitability. Along with the business planning service, we also offer an initial consultation on business management, the development of your business model and communication with potential investors. We will also give you advice on the existing legal restrictions in the selected segment of the market. Within the framework of strategic planning we can help your company understand the effectiveness and limitations of the market. We can predict the development of the company, define core values and solve organizational problems, which helps to create a competitive advantage for your company. Our strategic planning gives our clients the opportunity to immerse into the goals and priorities of the company, manage ideas and align their businesses for success.


Doing business in Ukraine requires an understanding of the country, including the factors that influence consumer choice. Our company’s specialists can guarantee you both quantitative (personal conversation or talking over the phone, research reviewing) and qualitative (focus groups, brainstorming, small groups, expert analysis, mystery shopping) macroeconomic and sectoral studies of the Ukrainian market. Our market research will show you the structure of the market, key competitors and customer needs. Our services also include timely monitoring of the press. We will provide you with an overview of the market development in your area, so you can make smart decisions regarding your business. The goal of the marketing plan is the fastest possible movement in the right direction. An effective marketing plan will allow you to determine your target audience as well as the abilities to attract new clients and consumers. Besides, it is important to develop a marketing strategy in order to be more successful than your competitors.

Our marketing plan will lead you in the right direction for even more successful development of your business. The goal of our marketing plan is described in the following statements: – Identifying the the most promising consumer for your business – Showing the market segment – Identifying the immediate and subsequent marketing or commercial goals – Identifying tactics (creation and distribution of the product, customs support, pricing) – Determining the budget – Identifying the most effective marketing channels – Tracking the best results and analyses- Finding information about a similar industry or market.

Our advertising campaign aims to increase sales of the products and services of our customers. Our program is implemented by all types of advertising channels. We will create a campaign to promote your products and services in order to create an attractive image of your company. We can organize corporate events or attend exhibitions, workshops or conferences with the aim of improving the image and identity of the client. We also provide an overview of the social, economic and political situation in the society and can follow the advertising campaign of the competitors.

A distinctive feature of our company’s interaction with the customer (client) is a documented relationship with the customer in the form of contracts for information services or complex contracts under the selected list of services.

Professionalism of our company is in commitment to the interests of a client in terms of fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by us, which in other words can be described as: “Cooperation with us is your gain.”

Individual work with a client is one of the most important features of our team.

Marketing research results will have uniquely identifiable priorities in accordance with the formal description in the specification. We will not provide you with loads of electronic documents showing our hard work, but give you exactly what you need within the desired time frame and the most convenient for you form (text, graphics, tables, figures.) Shall you have such desire our company can also provide guidance on the practical application of the market research results.

The basic (typical) marketing research directions are:

  • trends in the consumer / industrial goods markets;
  • features of government regulation of the researched activity – import-export transactions;
  • investment dynamics; – the main players on the market;
  • the structure and volume of sales; – particularities of pricing;
  • manufacturability of products;
  • ways to increase sales of goods – methods of forecasting performance of the company.

Information resources of our company are research results of such international organizations as AC Nielsen, GfK Taylor Nelsen Sofres, Euromonitor International, Comcon, MEMRB, Tebodin, Auto Consulting, KMK / AMAR Marketing, UMG, InMind and several others. We also collect and analyze information from open sources of the related organizations, the largest market players and statistical services and competent mass media.

Among our services we should separately note the formation of information profiles of existing businesses-competitors based on the criteria specified by the client. Typical structure of such an information profile includes the full name of the company, legal form, the identification code in accordance with the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, address, phone number, email address, information about the number of employees and how much they get paid, main activities, quantitative information about the issuer’s fixed assets (net book value) and annual financial statements.

Upon agreement with the customer we may also provide a unique service of researching a particular object in “real time” combined with the field research. This service is a distinctive feature not only in the list of services of our company, but also in Ukraine and CIS countries.


One of our strategic partners is the leader of the media market – global network Initiative that has more than 30 years of experience. “Initiative” has been creating and implementing media strategies on 6 continents. The scale of the business is impressive – 90 offices of the company have been opened in 69 countries. In Ukraine media agency “Initiative” was founded in November 1999 as part of ADV Group Ukraine.

Media agency Initiative offers a full range of strategic planning of communication campaigns, placement and control over placement in the media as well as the organization of special media projects.

A distinctive feature of the “Initiative” agency is a long-term collaboration with a number of key clients. Thus, the agency cooperates with such companies as “Unilever” and “Tchibo” almost from the first day they were founded. “Initiative” creates communication strategies that take into account the latest trends in the market, use the latest technology and contribute to marketing tasks implementation.


Personnel is the backbone of a company. Our company will help you find professional staff that will fully meet the needs of your company. Our work comprises a clear understanding of the requirements, which a client puts forward to its employees, knowledge of Ukrainian labor market as well as the desire to solve the problems of personnel and effective recruiting. We have an individual approach to each client. We analyze the state of the market in order to determine the level of wages for each employee. We also define the required qualifications for each job and study the labor market in the area of interest. We can assist you in finding the professional staff from announcing the vacancy to the interview in order to select the best candidate for any job. You can use this service to find employees for lower positions as well as when searching for a director or a CEO. Our company will help you determine the company’s need for staff as well as create an organizational structure of the company and determine the budget.


Virtual Office

The purpose of the “virtual office” service is to create a professional business environment with the possibility of reducing the usual costs mandatory when opening a typical office (rent, employee payroll, communications, insurance). Opening a new business can be a risky undertaking, therefore it is important to anticipate the costs to ensure that the situation has benefited your company. A great alternative is a Virtual Office that can be either permanent or temporary. This service is the perfect solution for growing companies.

Our company can professionally help you with: the use of e-mail, sending/receiving mail, the use of telephone and fax – representing company at business events

Project management

According to P2M project management is a combination of art and science, which are used in professional areas of the project in order to create a product of the project that would satisfy the project’s mission. It is done by organizing a reliable project team that effectively combines technical and management methods, creates the most value and demonstrates effective results. Project management includes developing a project plan, which in turn includes defining and approving the project objectives, defining the tasks and their possible solutions, determining the number of needed resources as well as allocating the budget and defining the schedule of work. This service also includes control of the embodiment of the project plan along with the usual control in order to make sure that all the information is aimed at implementation of the plan.

Basic business operations consulting services

Despite the overall success of your business, every new investment implies a new risk.

When entering a new market, it is necessary to take into account its features and not to act according to general, well-established pattern. Working with “Business-communication” makes it possible for you to adapt your business to the Ukrainian business model. Our experience is based on the understanding of the internal management, its relationship with the customer’s business and getting the finished product to enter the Ukrainian market. Thus, we can help our clients make an informed decision and find a reliable partner.


Along with the legal advice you need to know about the taxes and financial situation in Ukraine. We will provide you with the necessary information and help in dealing with the financial situation of your company at an early stage. Our goal is to optimize your business when it comes to taxes. The idea of outsourcing (transfer of part or all of some specialized functions to the third parties), is gaining more and more popularity among small and medium-sized businesses. Accounting services (outsourcing) is a transfer of company’s accounting to a specialized accounting firm on a contractual basis, which makes it possible for the CEO of a company to get rid of many unnecessary problems. Having entrusted us your accounting, you eliminate many unpleasant surprises. Signing accounting service contract with us means benefiting not from one or couple of accountants, but a whole group of professional accountants and lawyers who have been successfully working in the corresponding fields for a long time. They have unique practical knowledge and know how to make the right decision in any, even the most difficult and precarious situation. We will take care of all the accounting support of your company protecting you from unnecessary financial and emotional costs.


“Business communication” is willing to help you throughout the whole process of opening a bank account. We will provide you with all the information about the banks, so you have an opportunity to choose the most suitable one for your business. Having business in Ukraine goes hand in hand with following a number of certain rules and laws. We will help you to get the permission from the National Bank of Ukraine in order to manage your business with no obstacles.


We cooperate with the leading Ukrainian insurance companies. Our agents will help you select the right insurance services that fit your needs. We are ready to provide a full range of insurance services for you and your business. With the help of personal insurance you can protect your life, health, and personal property. Corporate insurance can help protect your finances, personnel, social stability of the company and at the same time optimize the tax payments.

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